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We at Vast Solutions see so many amazing businesses being misrepresented due to bad if not terrible web presence and design. Is it mobile friendly? Is it Socialy linked? Is there any SEO bult in? Does it meet W3C WEB 3.0 standards? If your pulling up a wikipedia page to find any of these terms...


Just submit your ugly website and you could be chosen to WIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO THE BAHAMAS AND have a Top International Marketing Firm redesign your current website or create your next website for FREE! So if your website is making you nasious look no further, copy and paste your URL along with your name / business name and phone# and WIN A NEW WEBSITE AND A TRIP FOR TWO! Just Imagine coming back with a beautiful tan and a BRAND NEW LOOK FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Good Luck!

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WIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO THE BAHAMAS AND A NEW WEBSITE! RULES: Submit your information below. Make sure to include a link to your Ugly website or website re-design by Spt. 1st 2015 and we will draw our winner in October Best of Luck!
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